ObscuroScan is a blockchain explorer for the Obscuro Testnet - Obscuro’s equivalent of Etherscan. ObscuroScan allows you to view the latest rollups and transactions on the Testnet, as well as search for historical rollups and transactions. Its functionality will be expanded over time.


  1. Go to the ObscuroScan landing page
  2. Observe the feed of latest rollups and transactions. Click on any rollup number or transaction hash to see the details of the corresponding rollup and the L1 block where it was published
  3. From the search bar in the top right, search for any rollup (using its number, e.g. 2453) or transaction (using its hash, which will start with 0x, e.g. 0x5476edbf2c6cc1279d2334b2c80e26333d0eaca6c1807c7d8a2945b1a9d58f07)

Decryption of Transaction Blobs

Notice the Decrypted transaction blob section for each rollup. This allows you to see the normally-encrypted transactions in unencrypted plain text. This is a feature of Testnet aimed at helping you understand how Obscuro works, and is only possible because Testnet uses a rollup encryption key that is long-lived and well-known. On Mainnet, rollups will be encrypted with rotating keys that are not known to anyone, or anything, other than the Obscuro enclaves.

External API Calls

The URL path /rollup/ may be requested from external clients using a HTTP POST request with either a rollup number (integer) or transaction hash (string beginning with “0x”). A JSON object representing the rollup will be returned. Further API development of ObscuroScan with RESTful documentation will follow.