Using the Testnet Token Faucet

Using the steps below you will request testnet OBX tokens from the faucet available on the Obscuro Discord server.


Requesting Testnet OBX Tokens

  1. Make a note of your wallet address or copy it to your clipboard.
  2. Open the faucet-requests channel on Obscuro Discord.
  3. Request OBX using the /faucet command. The faucet will credit 100,000 OBX by default:

    faucet command

  4. Provide your wallet address and hit Enter. The faucet will acknowledge your request:

    faucet ack

  5. After a short period of time the faucet will confirm the Testnet OBX tokens have been credited to your wallet:

    faucet complete

Viewing Your Wallet Balance

To view the balance of your wallet you will need to establish a connection from your wallet to the Obscuro Testnet. An essential part of how Obscuro provides full privacy is the encryption of communication between an Obscuro application and Obscuro nodes on the network. As a result, you will need to use the wallet extension to allow your wallet to communication with the Obscuro Testnet.

Use the steps here to prepare your MetaMask wallet for Obscuro Testnet.