Introducing Obscuro’s first testnet, Evan’s Cat

This section contains detailed on how to connect, build and deploy on Evan’s Cat. Evan’s Cat is designed with developers in mind. It provides the latest upgrades and tooling for developers to deploy and test their dApps.

Evan’s Cat can also be used by end users to help test Obscuro and test developer dApps. Evan’s Cat does not focus on node operators. Support for node operators will arrive in the next version of testnet.

Developers can expect frequent updates which will be communicated here. The trade-off is that in the early days Testnet will have some sharp edges and unexpected surprises. More specifically, whilst Testnet is in its infancy:

  • Obscuro Testnet will crash from time to time, and will frequently be updated with new features.
  • When Obscuro Testnet restarts expect to lose everything.
  • Obscuro Testnet code has not been optimised or audited yet. (Mainnet code will be audited prior to launch.)
  • The Wallet extension is still being improved.
  • The decryption key is known by all allowing you to decrypt and view everything. This also allows the wider community to support you in development.

All Obscuro code is under an open source licence. If you see something you think could be improved or reworked feel free to submit a PR in the go-obscuro repo, or to let us know about your suggestion on Discord.