Contributing to Obscuro

Obscuro will evolve to be the solution for privacy on Ethereum through the strength and dedication of the Obscuro community. Together we’ll make Obscuro the most community-driven project in crypto.

As detailed in the whitepaper, Obscuro is powered by OBX, a native utility token that provides security to the Obscuro network while allowing holders to pay transaction fees.

2% of tokens are set aside for early contributors. Each contributor’s allocation is a percentage of their total contributions against the entire community contribution.

For example, suppose you contribute work worth 10 ‘task points’ and the community as a whole contributes 200 ‘task points’. In that case, you’ll be allocated 5% of the contributor tokens or 0.1% of all available OBX tokens. These tokens will be held and distributed to you according to the vesting schedule detailed in the tokenomics. Upon vesting, they will be sent to your wallet.

To help manage contributions, we use DeWork. It’s a lot like Trello but crypto-native. The DeWork board has a load of suggested tasks. Anyone can add additional tasks and manage the lifecycle through to completion. Anyone in the community can suggest a task that will benefit the project and community by adding it to the community suggestions group.

Use the Create Task form in DeWork to add a name, description (try and be as explicit as possible), existing tag (or add a new one if it’s an entirely new category of work) and add a reviewer. Finally, think about task points. These translate roughly into hours taken to complete the task and the level of complexity.

If there’s already a task you think the community should prioritise, you can upvote the task by clicking the tiny up arrow on the task.

Once they’re part of the To Do group, you can express interest and say why you think you’d be great for the task. This will be reviewed and assigned accordingly. Some tasks, like competitions, accept multiple submissions. If there’s a suggested task that you think you’d be great at and isn’t currently in the ‘To Do’ group, reach out on Discord.

Finally, nothing is more important than the community. We’re here to help in any way. If you need guidance, want to discuss a task, ask questions, anything then reach out to anyone on the Obsuro Labs team on Discord.

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